Richuals-box2Rituals For Change

Welcome to embracing change with the fullness of your Soul, the engagement of your body and the invitation of Spirit! This work is deep and transformative. If you have a solid foundation in relation to your healing journey, an openness to engage the world of Spirit and Nature for transformation, and are currently at a significant threshold of change, then this is for you.

How does it work?

Although the map is never the terrain, here is an overview of the Rituals for Change Series:

Phase One: Preparing for the Ritual

These three sessions lay the foundation for your ritual and prepare you emotionally, spiritually and physically. Because I work intuitively, this process is different for each person. Common themes include identifying symbols, archetypes, and mythic aspects of your current life passage, addressing the energetic and somatic ways that you experience these, and engaging in weekly preparatory processes between sessions in order to deepen the process.

Phase Two: The Ritual

Each ritual is unique, and crafted to meet you at your growing edge. Most rituals take place in nature, and last between two to three hours. The time and location of the ritual, as well as the content, are all based on your particular Soul’s unfolding.

Phase Three: Integrating the Ritual

These sessions provide an essential container to help you be present to the ripples of the ritual in both your inner and outer life. Together we identify meaningful actions that support the shifts that are emerging, helping you ground these changes into your daily life.

Fundamentally, Rituals for Change is a way to meet the natural cycles of death and rebirth.

This process can show up in many areas of life such as,Walking Consciously Through:

  • Marriage
  • Separation and divorce
  • Growth in relationships
  • Loss and grief
  • Endings and beginnings
  • Rites of passage


  • Personal power
  • Unique gifts
  • Intuition and inner knowing
  • Authentic voice
  • Disowned parts of self

Reconnecting With:

  • Imagination and perception
  • Spirit
  • Nature
  • Your body
  • Capacity to feel
  • Dreams

If this speaks to you, I would be honored to work with you during this important time in your life.



Rituals for Change Audio Interview:

Would you like to know more about my ritual work?
I was interviewed by Nika Annon on Blog Talk
We covered rich territory. May it enliven your soul!

  • Definitions of ritual
  • Individual and collective rituals
  • The phases of ritual
  • The role of the body and mindfulness in ritual
  • Ways to track what is needed for a ritual
  • The myth of the quick fix
  • The importance of specificity and ritual
  • Ritual vs ceremony
  • Calling, goals and the Soul

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“The work leading up to my ritual was very specific to me, and deeply validating at a time when I needed to strengthen myself. I easily trusted in Aninha’s caring, knowledge, and real connection to Spirit. I was guided through an experience that instilled truths that I might have known in my head, but now I know in my heart.”
Carla Wilson, Classical Musician
“My ritual healing experience with Aninha was very powerful. I found the process to be intriguing, educational and healing. Aninha is sensitive, insightful and nurturing. Upon concluding the ritual, I felt my intention was realized.”
Ellen Blockley
“There is no denying the movement that manifested in my life in areas directly related to the ritual. I felt guided through each step and felt held in safe, sacred space.”
Galen Friend