Week 5: Your Being

Calling and Your Being

This week I speak about:

  • Being versus doing
  • The connection between Being and the Sacred Wound
  • Being and our essential nature
  • Self-worth and identity
  • Seasons of the Soul
  • Being tender with yourself

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Week 5: Interview

Interview with Julie Daley on Being and Calling.

Week 5: Interview

Interview with Julie Daley on Being and Calling.

Julie Daley is a teacher, writer, and coach and has led hundreds of people from all walks of life to awaken the soul–the source of true creative expression within.

Her own inward journey began in 2001, when it became clear that a 17-year career as a systems analyst and her new Computer Science and Design degree from Stanford University could not distract what wanted to come forth in her.

Two deeply traumatic experiences called her to listen to a stirring intuitive voice. As she followed this voice, she left her career and became a certified Creativity in Business teacher, (a course from Stanford Graduate School of Business), and received coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Federation of Coaches. She has worked with top teachers and trainers from around the world in emotional intelligence, conscious embodiment, leadership potential, spontaneous awakening, the sacred feminine, finding one’s purpose, healing the pain of the past, and disconnecting from negative conditioning.

To learn more go to: www.unabashedlyfemale.com

We spoke of:

  • Calling as a relational process
  • Feelings of “not enoughness” from the perspective of Soul
  • The challenge of language when addressing Being and essence
  • Becoming a vessel of of Soul qualities in the world
  • Three simple but potent exercises to distill the essence of your calling

Listen Now:

Interview with Julie Daley on Being and Calling.

by Julie Daley | WEEK 5

Week 5: Homework

Week 5: Homework

Journaling: Gather your Being

In our culture, our value is often derived from, and reinforced by what we do. Ancestral Wisdom recognizes the value of the subtle, the essence of our soul. The truth is that you have inherent value, and without being able to taste the beauty of your own being, the feeling of never being enough can become chronic. Calling cannot thrive as an act of compensation for a sense of deficiency. Calling thrives as an outgrowth of Being and relatedness.

  1. What essence qualities do you feel you were born with? These are qualities that you have not had to effort to access and express. You have most likely received positive feedback about these qualities throughout your life.
  2. For example, are you courageous, peaceful, bright, funny, playful, still, creative, or innovative?
  3. When do you feel most alive and most yourself?
  4. If you could not express your calling through any concrete actions, but only through the transmission of your essence, what would you hope to transmit, where, to whom and for what purpose?

Expressing your Being:

The visual exercises are the basis for the work. If you care to take it deeper and wider, you can also explore the somatic and earth-based invitations.

Visual Expression: Choose an image that mirrors an essential quality that brings you alive. Add it to your collage if you are creating one. What’s is important is to let an image claim you, and to be able to see it throughout the week. As always, allow it inform you, stir you, and awaken your imagination

Somatic Expression: In order to maintain a palpable connection to the mystery of who we are, and to the creativity that naturally flows from this source, we are served by a regular practice of some kind. Perhaps you already have a practice. If you do, see if dropping a seed of intention to live closer to the thread of your destiny changes your experience. If you do not, explore an embodied practice this week.

Week 5: Homework

Gathering Being:

Some ideas:

Walks in nature with a soulful intention, movement meditations, sitting meditations, writing or drawing, followed by some kind of embodied expression of what arose, speaking to the ancestors while allowing your body to be involved through the fullness of feeling, the freedom to move, and the awareness of energies that arise in your body and in your field.

We each have a unique way of connecting to the mystery. This may be the single most important take away from this course. By engaging in a regular practice you open to the possibility of plugging into the source of your unique creative expression.

Use your tracking journal to see what arises during your practice.

Earth-Based Expression: Begin or continue a conversation with nature in relation to your calling. Share what you have discovered thus far. You might do this through words, movement, song, or silence. Nature and Soul are the deepest of allies in calling. As always, I am leaving this wide open to your own imagination and exploration.

Tracking: Your Being

Track what you have noticed as you have been gathering and expressing this week.

Inner Eye: Did any images arise that caught your attention, surprised you, enlivened you or disturbed you in any way?

Inner Ear: Did you notice whispers of the soul arising as you gathered or expressed? What did you hear?

Kinesthetic: How did your body feel during this process? Did your body speak? If so, what came into your awareness?

Inner Knower: Do you know something about yourself that you did not know before you began this process?

It can also be helpful to also track: Archetypes, Symbols, Patterns and Synchronicities.

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