Women’s Courage Circles

womens-clarity-boxes3Women’s Courage Circles 

If you have some clarity about the gifts you carry but find yourself struggling to move forward, you are not alone. Stepping toward your calling means facing inner dragons. It’s unavoidable, but you don’t have to do it alone. Women’s Courage Circles are here for you.

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So much more is possible within a tribe of like minded women who all want to see you flourish.

  • Bring your fears to the circle and see them transform into courageous action.
  • Bring your shame to the circle and grow your own true voice.
  • Bring your grief to the circle and allow your tears to carry you to the shore of your heart’s calling.
  • Bring your vision and longing to the circle and be supported in bringing the value of who you are, and the medicine you carry forward.

In community your dreams will be given the fertile soil needed to grow.

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I keep this circle small and intimate.

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  • Any questions? Call me at (415) 458-8321
  • I invite you to call for a free 20 minute consultation.

I look forward to creating a more vibrant world together!


Refund policy: There are no refunds, however you are free to use your payment towards another session of the Women’s Courage Circle.
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Praise for Courage Circles:

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Women's Courage Circle Participant
“Aninha’s Courage Circle was a transformational journey. It was a turning point for me. I realized that I do not have to save the world, and that the gifts I was born with are my tools for creating a satisfying life of work that serves not only me but my community as well.  I can now truly say that I am on a path of service to my calling.”

Women’s Courage Circle
“I came here three weeks ago, I moved, I drew, I walked in nature and basically I proclaimed to the world that I am now ready to follow my calling and the universe has started to help me make that a reality.”

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Women's Courage Circle Participant
“I came to the circle with no voice and left empowered to speak from my heart. Aninha and the circle rituals provided the alchemy needed to facilitate my transformation from scared to sacred.”

Women's Courage Circle Participant
“The Women’s Courage Circle will wake you, shake you, and free you. With Aninha’s leadership, the rituals practiced, and the support of a circle of women, I left feeling hopeful, inspired, and empowered.”



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