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 Women’s Courage Circles

If you have some clarity about the gifts you carry but find yourself struggling to move forward, you are not alone. Stepping toward your calling means facing inner dragons. It’s unavoidable, but you don’t have to do it alone. Women’s Courage Circles are here for you.

So much more is possible within a tribe of like minded women who all want to see you flourish.

  • Bring your fears to the circle and see them transform into courageous action.
  • Bring your shame to the circle and grow your own true voice.
  • Bring your grief to the circle and allow your tears to carry you to the shore of your heart’s calling.
  • Bring your vision and longing to the circle and be supported in bringing the value of who you are, and the medicine you carry forward.

In community your dreams will be given the fertile soil needed to grow.

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Fall 2013 Courage Circle:

When: OCTOBER 20th, 2013

Where: IONS in Petaluma

Time: 10am- 6pm

Cost: $160 (includes gourmet, organic lunch)

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I keep this circle small and intimate. There are only 8 spots available.

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  • Or you can send a check to Aninha Livingstone, PO Box 642, Forest Knolls, Ca. 94933
  • Any questions? Call me at (415) 458-8321 I look forward to creating a more vibrant world together!

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Praise for Courage Circles:

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Singer, Speaker, Author and Facilitator
“I have facilitated and participated in many  women’s retreats, and Aninha’s was by far a stand out. She combines sacred ritual, group discussion and process, along with time alone in nature. Her workshop is a must do for any woman needing to hear what is next in her life.”

Founder Vividly Woman Embodied Leader Tools and Training
“Aninha brings a dynamic, loving and sensitive wisdom to her facilitation. Vividly Woman Leaders Circle was blessed to have her wise woman way of midwifing us to deeper connection with ourselves and each other. It was a sacred healing and wholeing experience for us all. .”


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