Traditional Psychotherapy

Traditional Psychotherapy

Welcome to the sacred container of therapy. Together we can explore what kind of growth and healing you seek to meet the challenges that you face.

I am here to support you in making contact with what is deeply true for you. From this place, life unfolds with greater ease and meaning.

I offer traditional psychotherapy, shamanicallyinformed psychotherapy, and child-centered therapy. Regardless of approach, soul remains at the center of the transformative process.

The Foundations Traditional Psychotherapy with Soul at the center:

  • Relationship: The health and well being of all life forms depend upon relationship. Therapy provides a sacred container in which a unique and supportive relationship provides the healing context for your growth and empowerment.
  • Deep Listening: The speech of the Soul is expressed in many ways, including but not limited to words. It is my honor to offer a quality of listening that welcomes the wholeness of who you are.
  • Tracking Patterns: Deep listening allows themes to emerge, clarifying the direction of the journey. Together we follow the thread of your interior life and your lived experience.
  • Uncovering the Roots of Old Stories: With great compassion, we discover and honor the old stories that helped you survive.  As we bring our mutual awareness to these tender places, the old root systems loosen, making room for a deeper, truer story.
  • Engaging the Body: The body dutifully holds all incomplete experiences. Although wired to release energy and emotion, it will wait for the needed safety to do so.  I am here to support your body’s wisdom and truth to come forth.
  • Seeding New Stories: In the tilled soil of all you bring forward, the native seeds of your authentic self begin to stir, fostering new ways of seeing the world and your place in it.
  • Embodying New Ways of Being: Having cultivated a more resourced ground of being, and a narrative that embraces your strengths as well as your vulnerabilities, I support you in the process of embodiment. Taking actions, no matter how small, weave inner changes into the tapestry of life.

I welcome you to contact me with any questions that you might have about embarking upon this journey.

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