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Unearthing Soul Activism Workshop

Date to be announced

A weekend gathering held in a ritual container, aimed at deepening your ability to listen and respond to the beckoning of your Soul, the whisper of the ancestors, and the heart of the world.

Together we will explore Soul Activism through sharing in circle, writing, time on the land, and ritual. Questions we may live into together include:

  • What breaks my heart?
  • What is my critic saying I should do, or not do?
  • How can I listen more deeply to my soul?
  • How can I use my gifts in service?
  • What is the earth telling me?
  • How can the ancestors inform and support me?
  • What small step can I take now, as I am?

Aninha Esperanza Livingstone, Ph.D. has been an activist since a young age, taking to the streets in her teens to stand for her values of a just and safe world. Although her values have not changed, her approach to cultural transformation has. The practice of listening to the earth, to the whispers of Soul and to the ancestors, has become an ongoing practice that informs the actions she takes in the world.

We each have an exquisitely sensitive place in our soul that is deeply impacted by certain facets of the world wound. These places point to where we are needed most

I came to this workshop feeling tired and tearful, I didn’t know what to expect and was doubtful that I had anything to offer. The space that Aninha held was profoundly connected and expansive. I felt accepted to be exactly where I was, and to move from that place in honesty. Without the need to perform or to leave parts of myself out of the circle, a movement in me occurred, a stagnancy broke apart and a joy awakened. Taking this workshop felt cleansing.

Aninha’s down-to-earth warm presence welcomed me to feel both comfortable and safe in the group right away. Her ritual work is grounded in deep knowledge and is shared with clarity. This put to ease my fears and criticisms about participating in a group that incorporated the spiritual. It is so apparent that she is integrally engaged in the work that she is offering. Aninha’s effortless and connected facilitation of this group was inspiring and healing. I would highly recommend joining her for all who have the spark of interest!

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