As many will attest to, the call to become a healer often arises from one’s own struggles. I began my path as a wounded healer at 16 when I first entered therapy due to my father’s death. This led me to explore healing, both personally and professionally, from a young age.

At 28, another shock arrived at my doorstep. This time, it was in the form of a health crisis. Although I did not know it at the time, I was at a crossroads that would guide me to cross-cultural shamanism. This journey was a homecoming in which the wisdom in my bones, and latent intuitive capacities were awakened.

Eventually, in a desire to be a bridger of worlds, I pursued a doctoral degree and licensure that would facilitate my ability to bring healing modalities, both ancient and modern, to a wider range of people.

For nearly thirty years now, I’ve worked with those who long to feel a greater sense of connection with themselves, their bodies, the small, wise voice within, and ultimately with their purpose and felt sense of belonging.

I am passionate about engaging soul for the purpose of individual and collective transformation. It is my heartfelt belief that as each person courageously turns towards their wounds, both personal and cultural, and acts upon their innate gifts, that together we participate in the repair the world.

My work is influenced by my education and life experience:

Formal Education:

  • B.A. In psychology
  • M.A. In psychology
  • Ph.D. In psychology
  • Sandplay and Play Therapy training through the Child Therapy Institute


  • Certified Hakomi Mindful
    Somatic Therapist
  • Embodied Touch in
  • Certification in the
    Hendrick’s Body-Centered
  • Training in Continuum
  • Certified Massage
  • Visionary Cranial Sacral
  • Mentor at ISITTA: Innate Somatic Intelligence Trauma Therapy Approach

Expressive Arts:

  • Certification in the
    expressive arts
  • Collaboration with M.D. using art to address psychosomatic issues

Animism & Eco-Psychology:

  • In-depth mentorship in earth medicine, divination, ritual, visionary skills, and cross-cultural shamanism with Marti Spiegelman.
  • Apprenticeship with Elder
  • Malidoma Some in the healing wisdom of Africa.
  • Travels to Peru and Nepal to work with local shamans
  • Animus Valley Institute explorations in Eco-psychology:
  • Soul-Centric Dreamwork
  • The Way of Council
  • Eco-Centric
    Developmental Wheel
  • Shadow work

In gratitude for my mentors, guides, and inspirations:

First, I want to thank Margret, a seer who helped my father’s spirit pass on when I was 16. Thank you for taking me under your wing and opening the door to the unseen world.

And the many who came after:

  • Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, Beth Pettenngil-Riley for teaching me about the true meaning of embodiment
  • Marti Spiegelman for awakening my indigenous soul
  • Hugh Milne for introducing me to my visionary channels
  • Hameed Almaas for providing a bridge between psychology and spirituality
  • Francis Weller for your presence, your belief in me, and your friendship
  • Bill Plotkin for providing a container in which to clarify my calling
  • Aftab Omer for infusing soul and ritual back into psychology
  • Michael Meade for your mythic meaning-making and for modeling a life dedicated to pleasing the Daimon
  • Malidoma Some for sharing your cosmology and your wisdom
  • Sobonfu Some for your potent ritual medicine
  • Teresa Mallen for your Soul-inspired art that captures my mythic life and the essence of my work
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