Child Therapy

I specialize in working with children and am an associate of The Child Therapy Institute, where I was trained in a primary, non-directive methodology.

This child-centered approach is grounded in nearly a decade of clinical experience and training. It affirms the idea that the deepest healing comes from within and that innate, curative capacities are activated within the emotionally supportive and non-judgmental context of therapy.

The additional availability of age-appropriate materials supports this process:

Sandplay Therapy through the creation of miniature worlds with small figures in a tray of sand.
Play Therapy by supporting communication via the acting out various scenes and experiences with toys, playhouses, puppets, games, etc.
Expressive Arts Therapy by incorporating the use of drawing, painting, sculpting, making collages, etc.
These child-friendly approaches provide a venue for unmetabolized or unconscious material that may be difficult to verbalize, to come forth in the form of embodied story, imagery, and symbol. From this place, clinically relevant themes can be addressed more effectively.

My work with children also involves collateral sessions with parents every 4-8 weeks. Collateral sessions are used to mutually share information and discuss the progress of therapy, as well as to explore issues of parenting and those that arise in school. In addition, with parents’ permission, I also consult from time to time with my clients’ teachers and other relevant school staff, as well as with their medical care providers.