Traditional and Shamanically Informed Psychotherapy

I welcome you to the sacred container of therapy. Together we can explore what kind of growth and healing you seek to meet the challenges that you face. I am here to support you in making contact with what is deeply true for you. From this place, life unfolds with greater ease and meaning

Experiential Divination

Divination is a healing and empowering tool. It is an opportunity to hear reflection and direction from the realm of the ancestors.

Soul Activism Workshop and Interviews

We each have a calling. We are seeded with unique gifts and exquisite sensitivities that when tended, become a healing balm for the times in which we live. When we listen deeply to that which breaks our heart, as well as, to that which brings us alive, we find our unique form of Soul Activism, our way of contributing to the world from the creative wellspring of our Being

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