Shamanically-Informed Psychotherapy

Body-Centered, Shamanically-Informed Psychotherapy

To include shamanic wisdom in psychotherapy is to expand one’s sense of what is considered real. At its depths, shamanism is a way of life steeped in cosmologies specific to each culture and place from which it arises. Most people of European descent, and modernized people in general, have lost these ancestral roots and many are looking to fill that void by exploring indigenous practices from more intact cultures.

My approach is one thread in the tapestry of restoring our indigenous souls, the part of us, no matter what our background, that has not forgotten the ancient wisdom that lives in our bones. We each carry medicine. We each have ancestral wounds that need healing and ancestral gifts, that when tended, contribute to the whole.

Many equate shamanism with journeying and with the use of psychoactive substances. My approach differs in that the focus is on embodiment in the present, while learning to trust one’s perception of more subtle realms, both inner and outer, for the purpose of greater healing and interconnectedness.

The foundation of this methodology is inclusive of many worlds: the inner world of direct experience and deep imagination, the other world of spirit, the underworld of psyche, where fertile darkness leads to transformation, and of course, this middle world where our five senses weave us into relationship the human, and more than human world.

When working in this way,  I bring a wider range of my gifts, including a capacity to sense and work with energy, and a love of mentoring clients in connecting with supportive ancestors.

The primary benefits of this approach are:

A deeper connection with your body. This supports fuller embodiment, presence, and direct knowing.

A clearer perception of your energy field. This level of self-awareness fosters greater self-care, healthier boundaries, and the ability to release what is not yours.

An enriched relationship with all that resources you, both seen and unseen. This strengthens a sense of interconnectedness, and reveals a fuller range of support than is usually considered. It also clarifies your unique portals to power, purpose and regeneration.

This approach is particularly useful for those who are highly empathic, intuitive, or energetically sensitive, and for those seeking a more holistic approach to therapy. If this sounds like a fit, I would be honored to support you.

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