Experiential Divination

What is Divination?

Divination is often understood to be a means of seeing into the future. My approach would be better described as seeing more deeply into what is. It can be likened to getting an x-ray for the Soul. What is usually hidden to the eye becomes apparent and confirms what you may have felt, but were unable to name. This clarity allows for more conscious and empowered choices.

To receive a divination, is to be willing to see more deeply into the riverbed of your life, below the surface patterns, where real change happens. Experiential Divination unlike other types of readings, is not a passive process. The energies revealed are often amplified, and thus viscerally felt. Part of the process of seeing what is so, is feeling what is so.

In accordance with the five elements of the Dagara cosmology, the following themes are often addressed: Coming into greater alignment with your gifts (true nature), your purpose (fire) as well as your ability to bring the wisdom in your bones (mineral) into the world. Areas in need of healing (water) may arise, as may your relationship with home, community and belonging (earth). Divination is also a powerful tool to assist you in coming into greater contact with supportive ancestors. Based on what is revealed, you will be given practices or rituals to support the changes you wish to make.

It is important to note that when I am divining I am not working as a psychotherapist, but more as an intermediary. Psychotherapy that bridges psyche, soma, and spirit, however, can be a powerful way to deepen into the themes that are revealed in the reading.

A deep bow of gratitude to elder Malidoma Some and to his ancestors for giving me permission, and for empowering me to carry this medicine into the world.


Aninha Livingstone

Aninha apprentice for over a decade within the lineages of Andean and West African traditions with an emphasis on visionary skills, ritual, connecting with our ancestors, and divination.

Turning point in my process

During a crisis, one can recall certain initiations which change one’s path for the better. My reading with Aninha was one such critical, healing juncture.

It came during a time of great loss and transition. On the surface, I was agitated, restless and lonely. The reading was honest.  Gently, but clearly, she welcomed the Invisibles to address the underlying and hidden soul-images at the root of my loss. Dropping from the periphery into the core, from the outer circumstances to the inner meaning, supported me to truly grieve and let go. This led to a noticeable and tangible turning point in my process.

Along with the benefits of facing the truth, there was also a mysterious, ancient magic – grace perhaps – which followed me around after, and blessed me, easing my way and making the loss more tolerable.

Jonathan Kabat

Facilitator, eco-therapist, and cultural carpenter


I have always felt met by her wisdom and supported by her nurturing presence. The divination was an amazing experience, equal parts ritual healing, spiritual guidance, and transformative fuel. I felt the presence of the mystical working through her, and I am grateful for the profound insights I received.

Katherine R.

Aninha has a breadth of knowledge and capability that is always deeply ressuring to me. Her intuitive and shamanic ability to connect with unseen forces is palpable and is exciting to experience. At the same time she is delightful and fun to work with. I found her divintationwork to be powerful and illuminating.

Ananya Hixon, MA, MFT

Over the years I have used many forms of divination. This kind of reading requires a very wise, intuitive and adept reader, which Aninha most definitely is. I received from it both helpful and meaningful information and guidance.

Susan Bradford

Holistic Childbirth Educator-The Birth Journey, facilitator of Waxing Moon Mamas, Birth Ceremonialist, Hypnotherapist, Doula, LVN

Emotionally cleansing and helpful

I am still processing my divination experience with Aninha! I found the process emotionally cleansing and helpful in deepening my connection with ancestral and elemental guides. Since working with the prescription from the session, my healing practice has grown and I feel clearer about my own path. Aninha’s caring, directness, and clear connection with the Spirits will always be appreciated and felt as I go forward!

Kathy Buys, MFT

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