When we offer our gifts to the world, we become the harvest.  Unfortunately, the question of earning money can often impede the process of expressing one’s unique gifts, but it does not have to be this way.

One of my gifts is to help women remember the promise they made before birth. I am here to foster clarity, courage and commitment on the path of calling.

The question, “How much can I earn from living my calling?” is less meaningful to me than, “How costly will it be to my soul if I don’t?” 

There are wonderful people whom I know and love that can help you face your money issues if that is what you need to explore now. In fact, I offer a list at the bottom of this article. But in this newsletter, I want to talk about something else: Becoming the harvest as a sacred give away.

Don’t get me wrong. Clearly, we need to make a living, or do our “survival dance” as Harley Swift Deer calls it. But to live a fulfilled life, we also need to discover our “sacred dance.” Whether these become synonymous is an individual matter.

I believe the world needs our gifts now. It is important to realize that not everyone’s calling is synonymous with paid work. Culturally we devalue unpaid offerings as “hobbies” or “just” volunteer work, but these gifts can be priceless. Also, our initial heartfelt offerings may turn into a livelihood with time and dedication. For a moving example, see the Ceres Project.

Recently, I have been seeing more people honoring aspects of their calling in creative ways. One example is a woman who attended my last Women’s Courage Circle. She decided to join a choir that sings to the dying. Taking this step fulfilled a long time dream. Her beautiful voice and deep soul will be a gift to many that is beyond financial measure.

I too have my own story. When I offered my first Women’s Courage Circle, I was disheartened because the class was not filling as quickly as I had hoped.  One day in meditation I heard, “Don’t wait. Invite people.” My soul couldn’t “afford” to wait. I needed to push that workshop out like a crowning baby. Money became secondary, expressing my gifts primary.

One of the ways people reciprocated was by offering a testimonial. Here is one that touched me:

“I have facilitated and participated in many women’s retreats and Aninha’s women’s circle was by far a stand out. She combines sacred ritual, group discussion and process along with time alone on the land. Her circles are a must-do for any woman needing to hear what is next in her life.”   Karen Drucker, singer, speaker, author, facilitator

By giving that workshop for the pure love of it, I received something beyond words or dollar signs. One of my mentors, Bill Plotkin speaks of the initial stage of expressing your calling. “You know you have found [it] when there is little else you would rather be doing. Getting paid for it is superfluous. You would gladly pay others if necessary for the opportunity.”


Another wise voice comes from Charles Eisenstein author of Sacred Economics. He says, “To enter more deeply into right livelihood, bow to service each day. Trust your desire to give, remember how good it feels, and be open to opportunities to do so, especially when they are just at the edge of your courage.


   Fall Ritual: Become the Harvest


In this season of bounty realize that you are no different that the harvest of the plant kingdom. You too are an offering whose existence is fulfilled by feeding the world. Here are a few steps to help you nourish the world with the bounty of your Soul:

Close your eyes and ask yourself the following  two questions. Allow time and breath between them.

1.  What aspect of my calling is ripe now?


2.  How can I best offer this to the world?


3. Commit to giving one thing freely for the pure joy of it.


4. Stay receptive to the way the world thanks you directly or indirectly.


5.   Repeat if so desired!


In closing, I am grateful for all who receive my words, and my work in the world. Without you, I would not truly be myself. We need each other!





P.S. As promised, here are my favorite people who help bring love, Spirit and money together:



Bari Tessler Linden Conscious Bookkeeping


Deepika Sheleff Living True Prosperity


Deborah Price Money Coaching Institute 


Charles Eisenstein Sacred Economics













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