Honoring the Dark, Risking the Light

Our gifts arise out of a magical blend of challenges and talents,

of hardships and blessings.

When we honor the dark by turning toward the places within that need tending,

and honor the light by risking our gifts

that flourish only when offered,

we become medicine for the world.

I have found that when I take a significant risk,

life often prepares me by taking me into the shadowy underworld.

Without fail, I return with greater clarity, and more to give.

My offering to you this season is a poem that speaks to the divine interplay

between the light and the dark

from which our calling is born.

On the Day You Were Born

On the day you were born

the Spirits laughed and sang

as you entered this world

and brought your bone music.

The Gods, two headed and one

prasied  your courage

knowing what awaited your soul.

Beaks, feathers and wings

sounded through heaven’s sky

and blessed you with protection

not from harm,

but from soul death.

Blessed you with courage, strength, grace and wonder.

Blessed you with holy waters

and the mark of a warrior.

Blessed you with wounds to come

so that service would be possible.

Blessed you with memory

of your true nature.

Blessed you with memory

of your sacred gifts and duty.

Blessed you with life

during the rise of the feminine.

Blessed you with a voice and presence

that would be heard.

Blessed you with gold

that would never run out.

Blessed you with a mission

that only you could live.

Blessed you,

Blessed you,

Blessed you.

By Aninha Esperanza Livingstone

 Only the wounds that have been

turned towards with love can be known

for the blessings they carry.

For those that have yet to reveal their gold, I offer you this:

Ritual for Change: 

 1. Allow an image to arise that symbolizes a current challange.

2. Draw it from a feeling place. (No art critic invited).

3. Then ask, “What treasure do you bring?”

4. Allow a response through writing.

5. Then ask, “Is there an action or a non-action needed?”

(Sometimes it’s what we don’t do that is needed.)

6. Allow the image to respond in writing.

7. If this response feels wise and true for you, allow yourself to be informed by it in your life.

And remember, the timing of turning lead into gold, is never up to us.

Blessings, Aninha

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