Deep Roots, and the Flowering of the Self

This Spring I want to highlight the

beauty, depth, and meaning

that comes from knowing the deep roots of our Soul’s call.

The Soul is never satisfied by having impressive job titles, or glitzy web sites. Rather, it longs to know its own unique beauty, and to create beauty in the world.

 Before I understood this, the thought of calling evoked longing and restlessness. I obsessed about my destiny daily. As many of you know, I wrote an entire dissertation on the topic, hoping to break through some invisible barrier.

One of the greatest turning points for me happened in a moment of revelation, although much soul searching laid the ground.

I was sitting in circle. It was the last hour of the last day of a wilderness intensive. Out of the blue, an inner whisper spoke with simplicity and clarity. It said, “Tend the Soul of relationship.”

In that moment, I came to know the underlying pattern of all my interests and values. My anxiety about what road to take gave way to an inner peace.

Those words helped me to realize that:

  1.  My purpose is not solely an expression of my work.
  2. My purpose is not sourced from any particular training. It is my birthright.
    (Although I must say that apprenticeship has been invaluable!)
  3. My purpose can take many forms, and still be an expression of my deepest self.
  4. My purpose is a process, not a product.Since that time, the form of my work has evolved, but the underlying pattern remains the same.If you can relate to my story, to the confusion, fear or longing, I invite you to join me in soulful inquiry.

As always, I leave you with this:

 A Ritual Invitation:

  1. Set aside time in which you won’t be distracted.
  2. Gather drawing materials. A pad and colored pencils or markers works well.
  3. Create sacred space in a way that feels potent and authentic to you.
  4. Allow yourself to draw images that have carried meaning for you throughout your life, or that currently have an allure.
    You can also gather symbols from nature, or from your home. You don’t need to understand the reason for the pull.
  5. Create an altar to your calling. Include the images and symbols that feel most alive to you.
  6. Speak to your Daimon (the Greek name for the unseen presence that reminds you of your unique genius). Ask for guidance and support. Leave offerings if you feel drawn.
  7. Close the ritual space.
    Notice what arises in your life in the form of synchronicities, intuitions, impulses, interests, and dreams.
  8. Take an action that is informed by this practice.

May you come to know your own deep beauty, and may that beauty feed the world!

Blessings, Aninha

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