What soul qualities are evoked for you in Summer?

Looking through the lens of archetypes, we are reminded of the qualities of youth. We are invited to play, be spontaneous, uninhibited, passionate and fully engaged in life.

Are these qualities that you experience as you follow your calling?

Most women I work with are more familiar with the Inner Critic than with the Spirit of Play.

Dreams and aspirations are often turned into demands such as,

“You should be more confident, more courageous, more ambitious. You should be more like (fill in the blank).”

Luckily, when we play, we can forget that harsh measuring stick and gain access to surprising strengths.

Research shows that engaging in play can increase our imagination, creativity, learning, and problem solving. Some believe it is as important to our well being as eating well, exercising and sleeping.

I recently found this to be true when I let a flamboyant, loud and passionate character from a potent dream give a speech entitled,

“Destiny 101.”

Here is the video:

A Ritual Invitation:

1. Set aside time in which you won’t be disturbed or distracted.

You will need pen, paper, and markers, your imagination and playful spirit.

2. Choose a capacity that you long to grow, one that might help you to embody your purpose.

3. Create sacred space in a way that feels potent and authentic to you.

4. Use your markers to write, draw, scribble…

any ideas that come to your mind.

What ideas would a five year old have?

What would your indigenous soul say?

5. When you are complete, scan the ideas for one that jumps out at you, allures you, or frightens you in just the right way.

6. Allow yourself to embody that now. Does it require a different outfit, way of speaking, way of moving, a different perspective?

7. How might this newly emerging aspect of self be invited into your life? Can you make a promise to it, a bite-sized one that you know you can keep?

8. Close the ritual space with an act of gratitude to the aspect that emerged.

May the Spirit of Play remind us of the inherent joy of being alive, and of sharing our gifts with the world.

Blessings, Aninha

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