Hello Courageous Souls,

In my last newsletter, I wrote to you about trusting Soul Activism. Today, I continue the theme as I attempt to separate the vibrant vines of calling and conscience from the dried and gnarled branches of the critic. I trust that I am not alone in questioning how to respond to these times in a way that is both true to our unique souls, and in integrity with our values.

Deep listening continues to be the most essential tool I know for living a soul-centered life, even in the midst of turbulent times. However, when there is crisis, clarity can become a rare gem.

As of late, I have been conflicted about what actions to take, finding it difficult to rest into usual ways of navigating my life and the world. Prior to the election, vibrant vines of calling and conscience intertwined like two snakes of the caduceus, a Greek symbol of healing. I felt aligned with my soul and the soul of the world.

Since then, I have had to do battle with the critic whose stranglehold has been choking the life out of my ability to listen to and trust in, what is being asked of me at this time. Guilt for not doing enough, comparison to those who are doing more, and judgment about what “real” activism is, have ganged up on the more vulnerable and uncertain places in my soul.

The Critic does not listen to the whispers of calling, rather he carries a steel measuring stick wherever he goes and informs us regularly if we are above or below average, with pats on the back that appease, or reprimands that weigh us down. The critic wants us to believe that there is a very narrow definition of activism. The Soul knows better.

There are many ways to work with the critic, from not engaging it at all, to standing up to it and saying, “Stop! No more!” But first we must recognize its presence. Being able to identify the critic creates a separation, and where there is separation there is the possibility for something new to emerge.

For me, creating even a few degree of separation from the critic has opened up the impulse to offer a day-long called, Unearthing Soul Activism. Recognizing and standing up to the critic allowed me to, once again, hear and follow an organic arising rather than an imposed demand.

What has your critic been saying to you lately?

What deeper impulse is trying to make itself known?

When we honor the caduceus of conscience and calling, we engage Soul Activism. It may require discernment, but with continued deep listening, the haze of the critic eventually gives way to greater clarity.

We honor calling when we: follow aliveness, meaning,
and a felt sense that we are being called by a force greater than our small minds will ever comprehend.

We honor conscience when we: take actions that reflect our deepest values and vision of the world we wish to create.

In a culture that cultivates numbness through distraction, it can be helpful to step outside of our busy lives so that we can feel, reflect, and be witnessed. Clarity and authentic action grow more readily in this soil. I invite you to join me for a day-long exploration of this topic in an intimate group limited to eight.

Unearthing Soul-Activism
A day-long held in a ritual container, aimed at deepening your ability to listen and respond to the beckoning of your Soul, the whisper of the ancestors, and the heart of the world.

Saturday, May 13th, 2017
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Earth Rise, Petaluma, Ca.

Cost: 175.00
Early Bird Registration 150.00 by April 21st
(includes an organic lunch buffet)

Please contact me to register at info@aninhalivingstone.com
You may save your spot by using my Paypal link

In gratitude for your continued interest and for our mutual explorations,

Aninha – blog

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