Theme: The importance of Completions

Hello Courageous Souls,

The change of season is like being at a crossroads. One chapter comes to an end while another emerges out of the pages of the last. I am writing to you from that very place. I have finally completed my licensure and am now a bonified clinical psychologist.

What happens at a crossroads? Often our identity is in flux, betwixt and between as they say. I have poured my heart and soul into my Ancestral Wisdom for Purposeful Living work for nearly twenty years. I have created The Woman’s Clarity Process, The Women’s Courage Circle, Rituals for Change, and a fabulous on-line course.

Now, I have this shiny new key from the California Board of Psychology that opens doors in the middle world of conventional culture. The truth is, I am not sure where all this headed…another characteristic of crossroads! I never sought this key with a clear picture of what was to come, only a fiery knowing that I was meant to pursue a path of bridging both worlds.

I am living what I teach about calling. Being at the crossroads means I am doing a lot of deep listening for what wants to come next. This is not to say that I do not try to figure it all out with my head at times. I do. And then I remember (or am reminded) I am being led. I just need to keep following the speech of my soul.

A few things are clear at this time:

  1. I am still available to you as a mentor. I love to sit in the archetypal seat of the shaman, to meet you in the place between the worlds and to support you on your path of calling. If you would like to work together in this way go to
  2. I am now also available as a (licensed!!) therapist. I offer traditional therapy and include approaches such as Sandplay (if you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it.), Eco-Psychology, Body-Centered, Expressive Arts, and dream explorations. If you would like to work together in this way, it is best to contact me at (415) 717-6441
  3. A deep thread of calling that I first sensed as a teenager, has now come for me full force. The ancestral wounds I carry from having descended from people who financed the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, are finally emerging as gifts, as a result of the deep inner work, and collective healing work I have been engaged in over the last four years. Doors are opening, synchronicites are leading the way, and my heart is filled with meaning and gratitude.
  4. I will continue to write to you seasonally and keep you up to date on what I am offering.

On that note,
I thank you for being part of my journey of calling. And I hope that I can continue to be of service to you as I move forward from the crossroads.

Warmly, Aninha


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