Calling and Stillness

Courting Emptiness

Hello Courageous Souls,
We have just crossed into Autumn, the time in which the glory of harvest begins to turn her gaze downward toward the necessity of shedding and decay. For me, this brings up the question of how we meet our inner autumn, and emptiness in particular.
Personally, I feel most alive when I am living in a heightened state of creative […]

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Hibernating as a Courageous Act

Hello Courageous Souls,

As we enter the Winter season, we are invited to turn our attention inward to a deeper, slower, more subtle realm.

From the outside, this may appear to be a “waste of time” and yet, the generativity of spring is dependent upon the stillness of winter.

Our instincts do not need to be convinced of the power of hibernating, but […]

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