Hello Courageous Souls,

We have just crossed into Autumn, the time in which the glory of harvest begins to turn her gaze downward toward the necessity of shedding and decay. For me, this brings up the question of how we meet our inner autumn, and emptiness in particular.

Personally, I feel most alive when I am living in a heightened state of creative imagination. I love listening for the whispers of calling, for the beckoning of muses and the thrill of pulling a thread from the formless into form. 

And yet, that is not where my soul has been for quite some time. The recovery period and integration of becoming a licensed psychologist has been a time of deep inner quiet.

This recent Facebook post describes my courtship with the soul of Autumn:

“I am she who watches the sand lose its crafted form; the one carefully shaped by the muses and me. I am she who sits in the void between creative surges.”

I continued, “There is an art to letting old forms dissolve. There is a quiet wisdom needed that allows for emptiness.

Sometimes we must surrender to the high tide as it dissolves our cherished works of art. Another can and will be built… when the creative urge swells, and the tide is low.”

My cherished works of art include Clarity of Calling and Rituals for Change, and for the time being, they have been taken into the arms of Autumn, leaving an empty place in my chest.

What aspects of your life are being claimed by the forces Fall?

What experience does that evoke in your body? 

Are you able to allow the falling away?

It can be helpful to remember that nature has three faces: creation, maintenance, and decay. Even more helpful is to remember that we are nature.

In a culture that honors only the manifest, we are less developed in our capacity to welcome or even tolerate when soul whispers turn to silence, and blossoms turn to soil. The lack of movement and manifestation can feel disorienting or even scary.

Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves inhibit our ability to court her:

I’m not connected to my purpose.
I’m lost.
I have no direction.
My intuition is weak.
My inner compass isn’t working.
I am doing something wrong.

In truth, emptiness is an invitation to trust more deeply.
We are invited to:

Slow down.
Surrender the need to know.
Expect less of ourselves as producers.
Welcome more of ourselves as Beings.
Meet the quiet with our own stillness.
Learn to love the spaces in between.
Die and be reborn.

So my dear community, I invite you to consciously invite this season to shape you, just as she shapes our land and sky.

Let her have her way with you. Her wisdom is so much vaster than our clinging.

Many blessings on your journey,



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