Under themes: Calling and the Speech of the Soul

Hello Courageous Souls,

On this Autumn Equinox, I want to share with you one of the most important tools I use in my work to help others birth their unique bounty of gifts into the world.

I call it The Speech of the Soul, and by learning to recognize, trust and follow it we can open the floodgates to creativity, imagination, and soul-inspired action.

I will be working with this in depth in my new online course, Clarity of Calling, so if you are allured by this topic, join me. We start October 20th.

What is it that you wish to birth into the world?

Are you ready to court the mystery?

A calling that is rooted in Soul is guided by senses beyond the physical. A calling that is lived as an offering, is one in which we become bridges between the seen and the unseen, the mystical and the practical.

One of my favorite lines from a poem comes from David Whyte who says, “…To be human is to become visible while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others…”

How do we carry what is hidden? How do we nurture a relationship with the invisible that becomes so second nature, that not only does it guide our life work, but becomes a bountiful fountain of creativity?

What carries me, and what I have seen open new worlds of possibility and aliveness for my clients, as I mentioned earlier, is to:
Recognize, Trust and Follow the Speech of our Soul.

Just as we are wired to register input from the physical world, so too our we wired to register the subtle realms. We have a nervous system of the Soul. The most commonly accessed senses are: inner eye, inner ear, inner knower, and kinesthetic channels.

I speak to this in the Common Ground article, Ecology and Imagination. Here is an excerpt:

“Do images arise in your mind’s eye, accompanied by a feeling of importance? If so, your guidance might come primarily through the visual channel. Do you hear inner whispers that have a different quality than the chatter of your mind? Perhaps you are more tuned to the auditory. If you have “gut feelings” that act as your compass, you are likely to be kinesthetically inclined. Lastly, if your inner knower channel is strong, you may find yourself knowing things without apparent reason.”

The more we follow the Speech of our Soul, the stronger the channels become, the greater connection we develop with the unseen (the source of our calling), and the more vibrant our lives and the world around us can become.

Taking just one step, no matter how small, can open surprising new possibilities.

Do not wait for it to be comfortable.
Do not wait for it to be profitable.
Do not wait for it to be impressive.
Do not wait for it to be rational.
Do not wait for it to be easy.

Just say Yes!

On that note, I leave you with this Ritual Invitation:

1. Choose a day in which you will make sacred by tracking the Speech of your Soul throughout the day.

2. On that day begin this process with an invocation and offering of your choice to the unseen forces that you feel, or would like to feel most connected to.

3. Have something with you to jot down notes about what you notice arising through the nervous system of your Soul. Start by paying attention to the subtle guidance that arises through you inner eye, inner ear, kinesthetic channel, and inner knower. Some folks may even have their inner smell, and inner taste lead the way!

4. At the end of the day, close the ritual with gratitude to the unseen forces that you called upon. Acknowledge what you received, even if you don’t understand its meaning.

5. Commit to one action, no matter how small, that arises from what you heard, saw, felt, or knew.

I invite you to call me for a free 20-minute consultation to share how this ritual unfolded for you.

In gratitude for this conversation that we are in, and for your courage to live the truth of who you are.

Blessings, Aninha

P.S. Keep an eye out for my upcoming article on Calling and the Underworld in the October Common Ground Women’s Issue.

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