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Week 6 – Your Embodiment: Maildoma Some talks about Doingness of Calling

Podcast Interview on the Doingness of Calling with Maildoma Some

What an honor it was to meet with Malidoma who speaks with such clarity and conviction about the process of birthing of our calling.

In this 30-minute interview, we speak of:

Malidoma’s personal story of understanding and embodying his calling.

How to face and embrace the inner storms that come with trying to clarify and live […]

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Cerridwen, A Modern Day Witch

Aninha joins Cerridwen Fallingstar, a modern-day witch and award-winning author, for a special conversation. They get into everything from Cerridwen’s thoughts on being a Shamanic teacher and Wiccan Priestess. Plus, Aninha and Cerridwen share their insights on the importance of finding how we became disconnected from our own spiritual roots. Check out more information about Cerridwen Fallingstar on her website, […]

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Trusting the Soul’s Activism

Hello Courageous Souls,

How the pulse of the America has changed since the last time I wrote to you! Whether you are politically plugged in or not, I think it is safe to say, many of us are feeling a quickening and intensifying that is unsettling at best.

You may be asking yourself, “What should I do?”

If you are like me, this […]

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Dark Wisdom, Ancestors …

Hello Courageous Souls,

As we enter the Winter Solstice so too do we turn from the longest and darkest day of the year, toward the return of light. As always, the earth reflects our own true nature. We are reminded of what is possible both personally and collectively when we enter the darkness. We make ourselves available to become vessels of […]

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Deep Listening

Under themes: Calling and the Speech of the Soul
Hello Courageous Souls,

On this Autumn Equinox, I want to share with you one of the most important tools I use in my work to help others birth their unique bounty of gifts into the world.

I call it The Speech of the Soul, and by learning to recognize, trust and follow it we […]

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