Week 6: Your Embodiment

Calling and Embodiment

This week is a bridge week. We have gathered mysterious clues from the speech of our Soul and its conversation with the world of Spirit and matter.

I now invite you to explore what it means for you to be a portal of the mystery.

In this week’s talk I address:

  • What infuses our doing with a sense of the sacred
  • A useful metaphor to understand masculine and feminine energies and their right relationship
  • Being a bridge between the worlds
  • Calling as a treasure hunt
  • A short exercise

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Week 6: Interview

Interview on the Doingness of Calling with Maildoma Some

Week 5: Interview

What an honor it was to meet with Malidoma who spoke with such clarity and conviction about the process of  birthing of our calling.

In this 30-minute interview we spoke of:

  • Malidoma’s personal story of understanding and embodying his calling
  • How to face and embrace the inner storms that come with trying to clarify and live our calling, from confusion and disappointment to anger and loss
  • How to translate messages from the Mystery so that they feed an embodied calling
  • The importance of imagination, story and the ancestors
  • The relationship between trust or “hanging in there” and clarity
  • Pain as an initiatory process
  • The importance of gestation, and allowing a full-term birth of our calling

Malidoma Patrice Some has since become an ancestor. Some is from Burkina Faso, West Africa. In his native language, Malidoma means “be friends with the stranger”. A gifted medicine man of the Dagara tribe, he held three master’s degrees and two doctorates, from the Sorbonne and Brandeis. He is the author of, Of Water and the Spirit,  Ritual, and The Healing Wisdom of Africa. In his own words, he was, “the voice of the wisdom” of his ancestors.  www.malidomasome.com

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Week 6: Homework

Week 6: Homework

Journaling: Gather Doing

Just as every acorn contains the potential of an oak tree, all of life emerges from a deeper pattern inscribed within. Our purpose can remain dormant, or it can grow.

If we have an understanding, or more importantly, a felt sense of our deeper identity or inner blueprint, our actions can arise from that place, and we can finally entrust our unfoldment to a deeper intelligence beyond our planning mind.

  1. Open your imagination to a project that calls out your essential nature and gifts, one that would feed your soul. What are you called to? What can you no longer turn away from? How is the world calling you to participate?
  2. Allow yourself to write from a stream of consciousness, then go back and underline anything that might lead to a concrete step, or to a project that allures you. Use as much space as you need!
  3. If you are already engaged in a project that feels aligned with your calling you can use this time to fine tune. From what you have learned about yourself in this process, what might you change in terms of where you are putting your energy and intention? What might you do more of, or less of, or perhaps do differently?
  4. What action step can you commit to this week? Feel into the degree of risk your soul is asking for. You might need to take a baby step, or you might be called to take a quantum leap. Neither one is better. What feels right in your body?

Expressing Doing:

The visual exercises are the basis for the work. If you care to take it deeper and wider, you can also explore the somatic and earth-based invitations.

Visual Expression: Choose or draw an image that reflects a project that you would be honored to enguage in, and enlivened by. This can be something that you are already doing, or it may be completely new. Add this image to your collage if you are creating one, or as usual, find another way to have it in a place that you see throughout the week. Let it inform you, stir you, and awaken your imagination.

Somatic Expression: The only way to express our calling in the world is to embody it. What is one step that you can take this week that would fill your body with aliveness? This might feel like excitement, it might feel like fear, or something made of both.

Earth-Based Expression:

Bring an offering to the earth. Give thanks for any clarity that you now have, even if it is just a seed. Ask for support as you take your action. We are not meant to do this alone.  We are portals of the mystery. Allow nature to be an ally, allow the ancestors to be allies, allow the mystery to be with you as you walk into the world of form with your gifts in hand.

Track Doing:

Track what you have noticed as you gathered and expressed the doing aspect of calling.

Inner Eye: Did any images arise that caught your attention, surprised you, enlivened you or disturbed you in any way?

Inner Ear: Did you notice whispers of the soul arising as you gathered or expressed? What did you hear?

Kinesthetic: How did your body feel during this process? Did your body speak? If so, what came into your awareness?

Inner Knower: Do you know something about yourself that you did not know before you began this process?

It can also be helpful to also track: Archetypes, Symbols, Patterns and Synchronicities.

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