Ways to Work with Me

If you want support in walking the unique path that only you can walk, please consider the following services:

Women’s Clarity Process: Individual mentoring for women blocked in their calling, culminating in a ritual of claiming one’s gifts, and being witnessed and welcomed by your community. Read more

Women’s Courage Circles: The power of deep collective work, in the company of other women. Retrieve and reclaim the gifts you were born to embody. Read more

Rituals for Change: The power of deep individual inner- work, in the form of a ritual series designed to meet you at your growing edge. Read more

Women’s Clarity Process:

An in depth, soul centered process for women seeking clarity of calling. Read more

Clarity of Calling On-line Course:

If you seek understanding as well as transformation, this 7 week online course offers the possibility of both. More… Read more

Rituals for change:

A potent approach rooted in indigenous wisdom for meeting and creating change.
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