If you are particularly interested in shamanism and connecting with allies, I encourage you to listen to this podcast when you have the time.

Timothy Flynn and Aninha Livingstone

Here is a short bio if you are not familiar with Timothy Flynn:

Timothy Flynn is a shamanic practitioner living in the Monterey Bay Area of California. A near-drowning experience inspired an early interest in Death and Dying and various spiritual pursuits, ultimately leading him to a twenty-year focus on shamanism. He lives on a small homestead with his wife and two children, exploring the intersection of sustainability, shamanism, and modern culture.

Tim has a BA from UC Santa Cruz and an MA in Transformative Arts from JFK Institute of Holistic Studies, Orinda California. He completed the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 year training program in advanced shamanic practices, as well as other advanced shamanic training workshops from Tom Cowan and Betsy Burgstrom. Tim taught for the Foundation for Shamanic studies for several years, departing recently to focus on his own work.

He is a dear old friend, a wise man, and a skilled practitioner. 

We spoke of:

  1. The importance of being aware of cultural issues when exploring indigenous wisdom traditions
  2. Connecting with animals and plants as allies
  3. Learning how to receive from nature
  4. Natural ways to altar our consciousness, or brain waves, that can aide in widening our lens of perception
  5. Simple exercises to explore connecting with nature.
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