Podcast Interview with Daniel Foor on Ancestral Wounds and Gifts

Daniel Foor and Aninha Livingstone

Although this interview has a good amount of information, I encourage you to listen to it with your felt sense. Let the Speech of your Soul tell you what is most important for you to take in, explore, and ponder.

Here is a short bio if you are not familiar with Dr. Daniel Foor:

Dr. Daniel Foor leads trainings and offers personal sessions focused on ancestor work, relating with spirits of place, and remembering our unique destiny/calling. His training in indigenous, earth-honoring ways includes in-depth work with the traditions of his Northern European ancestors, Native North American life ways, and the Ifa/Orisha tradition of Yoruba-speaking West African and the Diaspora. Daniel especially enjoys helping therapists, healers, and other practitioners of ritual arts to strengthen their existing practices by including elements of ancestral healing and intentional time with wilderness/nature. He is passionate about embodying earth-honoring wisdom in non-dogmatic ways that emphasize our capacity for service and innate joy. Daniel now lives in Durham, North Carolina but continues to teach in the SF Bay Area and beyond. For more information on his practice go to: www.ancestralmedicine.org.

Here are some themes that were covered:

  1. Daniel shared his own path of engaging ancestral work as a central aspect of his calling,
  2. Benefits of engaging the ancestors
  3. The relationship between embodiment and connecting with the ancestors,
  4. Intergenerational wounds and cultural issues
  5. The difference between collective ancestors, those who are troubled, and those who are well
  6. Ancestors and the dreamtime,
  7. Helpful first steps of exploration.
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