Podcast with Julie Daley on Being and Calling

Enjoy this interview with Julie Daley on Being and Calling.

Teacher, writer, and coach, since 2003, Julie has led hundreds of people from all walks of life to awaken the soul–the source of true creative expression within.

Her own inward journey began in 2001, when it became clear that a 17-year career as a systems analyst and her new Computer Science and Design degree from Stanford University could not distract what wanted to come forth in her.

Two deeply traumatic experiences called her to listen to a stirring intuitive voice. As she followed this voice, she left her career and became a certified Creativity in Business teacher, (a course from Stanford Graduate School of Business), and received coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Federation of Coaches. She has worked with top teachers and trainers from around the world in emotional intelligence, conscious embodiment, leadership potential, spontaneous awakening, the sacred feminine, finding one’s purpose, healing the pain of the past, and disconnecting from negative conditioning.

To learn more go to: www.unabashedlyfemale.com

We spoke of:

  1. Calling as a relational process
  2. Feelings of “not enoughness” from the perspective of Soul
  3. The challenge of language when addressing Being and essence
  4. Becoming a vessel of of Soul qualities in the world
  5. Three simple but potent exercises to distill the essence of your calling.

Julie Daley Interview: Listen Now:

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