Nika Annon Interview, listen now:

Week 7 Interview

In the Spring of 2014, Nika Annon asked to interview me about my Rituals for Change work.

Here are some of the themes we covered in this podcast:

  1. Definitions of ritual
  2. Individual and collective rituals
  3. The phases of ritual
  4. The role of the body and mindfulness in ritual
  5. Ways to track what is needed for a ritual
  6. The myth of the quick fix
  7. The importance of specificity and ritual
  8. Ritual vs ceremony
  9. Calling, goals and the Soul

This interview is a reminder to me of how our medicine comes out when we risk saying yes to life’s invitations (when they feel aligned, of course).

I found that I had a lot more to say than I realized!

Taking risks is one of the ways that we come to know the medicine we carry. If we avoid risks, our gifts can lay dormant, and we deprive both ourselves and others of what we came here to contribute.

Are there invitations at your doorstep?

If fear and excitement are both present, it might just be that you are being beckoned to embody your gifts more fully!

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