Interview on the Sacred Wound with Annie Bloom

Please join me as we dive deeper into the question of soul and calling.

Annie Bloom and Aninha Livingstone

In this recording, Annie speaks about:

  • Her own wounding and the gift that grew from that fertile soil
  • The importance of having a mentor or soul guide when exploring the sacred wound
  • People who have transmuted their suffering into gifts
  • The difference between victimhood and being in relationship with our wounds
  • The Role of the Critic
  • The healing power of nature

Here is a short bio if you are not familiar with Annie Bloom:

Annie has been guiding people into their deepest mystical connection with the Earth for 21 years. She has trained with the School of Lost Borders, worked with Wilderness Reflections and was a senior guide with Animas Valley Institute from 1995 to 2012. Annie is an initiator, a soul practitioner, a deep listener who carefully attends to the large story inside of the everyday stories of our lives. She has guided hundreds of people into exquisite wildernesses, where our personal soul and the world soul intersect and we make contact with our larger destiny and the fulfillment of being alive at this time in our planetary evolution.


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