Hello Courageous Souls,

As we collectively emerge from the interiority of winter, life reveals the beauty of her two billions of years experimentation. Each spring flower, whether it be a rose, cherry blossom, iris, or daffodil is an expression of nature’s ongoing creativity.

Can you imagine if the intelligence that created such breathtaking beauty and abundance had a neocortex like we do? If this intelligence hesitated, questioned, planned, and deliberated?

There is of course a need for the executive functioning part of our human brain. The problem is that we tend to go there first, thinking that we have to understand where things are leading before being willing to follow the whispers of our soul.

What would it feel like to give yourself permission to experiment, to get messy, to try something for the fun of it, or to even do something that feels a little weird or crazy to the socialized part of ourselves?

In a culture that asks that we draw inside the lines, experimenting can can feel edgy, or even dangerous at first. As children our experience at home, and/or at school was often enough to make us shut that part of ourselves down, and for good reason.

I am going to share my own experience with you that emerged from the spirit of experimenting without goals:

One day, I was wandering in the woods close to where I live. I brought my cell phone with me, as I was on-call. As I walked, I had an impulse to stand on a tree stump, so I did. It reminded me of being on stage. I suddenly had the impulse to give a speech right then and there. Of course my brain had its critical commentary, but I have learned to listen to the invisible threads that tug at me.

Realizing that I had a recording device, I turned on my microphone, looked out at my audience (the forest) and let words pour from my mouth, unplanned, unrehearsed, unknown.

I call it my Stump Speech.
Click below to listen:

Calling Doesn’t Care

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Before I offer you the seasonal ritual, I would like to invite you the Women’s Courage Circle on March 29th. There are just a few spots left.

If you are needing support in listening more deeply to what is wants to spring forth from your soul, this daylong is a great support.

Here is the link to learn more and to register.

And now for the quarterly ritual recommendation:

Spring Ritual Invitation:
Experiment without Goals

I invite you to bring this ritual into nature. The weather is welcoming and you will be accompanied by many sacred witnesses.

  1. Create a threshold that marks your entry into the mystery and your willingness to let go of knowing, planning, and being in control. This could be as simple as stepping over a stick, or through two trees that feel like a doorway.
  2. If you are drawn to calling in unseen forces for support, this would be the time. I would also recommend calling in the beings that surround you, the air, water, plants, stones, and animals. Connecting to this wider community awakens our purpose in unexpected and potent ways.
  3. Begin to wander. Let this walk be filled with experimentation led by allurements, curiosities, and unexplainable impulses.
  4. Find a place to allow something to emerge, be it a dance, a song, a speech, a poem or some other, never before seen thing to emerge.
  5. Offer it as a gift to the mysterious intelligence that guides your calling.
  6. Take time in a receptive state to feel into any subtle responses emerging from nature and spirit.
  7. Cross a threshold back into ordinary consciousness, taking the spirit of experimentation with you.
  8. If a concrete action that the executive brain can support you in accomplishing arises, follow that inspiration!

Feel free to email me at info@aninhalivingstone.com to share your experience.

May our collective experiments be an outpouring of creative energy that feeds the earth and all living beings.

Many Blessings, Aninha


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